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Описание кодов, возвращаемых GSM-сетью при завершении звонка.

1 unassigned (unallocated) number
3 no route to destination
8 operator determined barring
16 normal call clearing
17 user busy
18 no user responding
19 user alerting, no answer
21 call rejected
22 number changed
27 destination out of order
28 invalid number format/number incomplete
31 normal/unspecified
34 no circuit/channel available
38 network out of order
41 temporary failure
42 switching equipment congestion
44 requested channel not available
47 ressource unavailable
50 requested facility not subscribed
55 Incoming calls barred within the CUG
57 bearer capability not authorized
65 bearer service not implemented
68 ACM equal to or greater than ACMmax
69 requested facility not implemented
88 incompatible destination

0 no error
2 IMSI unknown in HLR
3 illegal MS
4 IMSI unknown in VLR
5 IMEI not accepted
6 illegal ME
11 PLMN not allowed
12 location area not allowed
13 roaming not allowed in this location area
17 network failure
22 network congestion
32 service option not supported
33 service option not subscribed
34 service temporarily out of order
38 call cannot be identified (call RE)

0 normal release
1 unspecified
2 channel unacceptable
3 timer expired
4 no activity on the radio path
5 pre-emptive release
8 handover impossible, timing advance out of range
9 channel mode unacceptable
10 frequency not implemented
65 call already cleared
97 message type not compatible with protocol state
101 no cell allocation available
111 protocol error, unspecified
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